T-ara Hyomin’s Dazzling New Pink Hair

T-ara‘s member, Hyomin recently flaunted her pretty, doll-like features.

On June 26, Hyomin posted on Twitter, “People told me that I don’t look good with this hair color, so I’m going to change it back!!! Good bye Baskin Robbins TT (TT depicts a facial expression: crying).” and posted a picture of herself.

The picture posted on Hyomin’s Twitter is a very closed-up shot of herself. Netizens and fans exclaimed about the dazzling shade of pink for her hair color. She is also wearing a large flower pin with flashy colors to add even more color to her pink hair. While the top photo showed off Hyomin’s beautiful side profile as well as her colorful hair, the second photo showed a comical Hyomin as she is pouting with her bottom lip sticking out.

Netizens commented on Hyomin’s selca, “She really has doll-like pretty features,” “The picture is a very closed-up shot, yet she still looks so beautiful,” and “Her hair color looks really good, I don’t know why she wants to change it back.”

Meanwhile, Hyomin is garnering attention for another body part: her super fine fiber-like legs. Her legs were compared to her manager’s legs and amazingly, Hyomin’s thighs were thinner than her manager’s calves!