Cameras Capture Go Hyun Jung’s Pot Belly

Go Hyun Jung reveals how she is also like every woman in the world. Local news agencies recently picked up on a series of photos of the actress circulating on online community boards, capturing her with a pot belly.

The screen captures were taken from the June 15 and June 22 episodes of Go Hyun Jung’s SBS talk show, “The Go Show.” In the episodes, the veteran actress wore a black jacket over a white shirt, revealing an attractive and stylish fashion sense. However, the cameras unfortunately captured her pot belly as she was sitting down and her jacket was unbuttoned. It surprised viewers since Go Hyun Jung is known for being fit and slim, especially on the red carpet.

Netizens who have seen the photos commented with, “I feel a familiarity somehow with Go Hyun Jung after this,” “It’s alright to show your age, and that you’re a person,” and other such reactions.

Meanwhile, Go Hyun Jung’s “Miss Go” topped the box office on its first week of release. The movie opened in cinemas on June 21.