Girls’ Generation YoonA at the Airport

Girls’ Generation YoonA once again impressed netizens with her flawless makeup-less face at the airport in a photo taken by a fan while at the airport.

The photo has been in wide circulation within online community bulletin boards in a post titled, “YoonA’s makeup-less natural face.”

YoonA is seen in the candid photo to be dressed comfortably in a white t-shirt and black short shorts. She has her hair casually tied in a ponytail with a hat to hide any strands of hair that might’ve stuck out without any professional styling. She appears to have noticed the picture being taken with her hand raised to lips as a polite “Oops” gesture for being captured on film in casual gear.

Her gleaming porcelain-like complexion drew many compliments and awe from netizens despite the absence of special lighting and make-up such as, “If I saw her in person at the airport myself I would’ve been taken by surprise by her natural beauty,” “So that’s what they mean when an individual could possess a self-luminous quality,” and “Her natural face is simply dazzling.”