Raina Reveals Picture Showing Off Her Superior Bodyline!

A picture of After School’s Raina was revealed that showed off her perfect figure. The picture shows her with her back against the newest member Ga Eun who is only 17 years old!

On June 26, Raina wrote on her Google Plus, “This is a picture that someone from the staff took while we were filming the music video~ I had my back against Ga Eun and I was busy filming ^^ The music video really has our hard work! Most of you have seen it right?”

The picture is from the filming set of the music video “Flashback.” The picture features Raina’s superior body.

Netizens that have come across the picture stated, “Raina’s legs were always pretty,” “Raina is good at singing and her legs are pretty as well,” and “She always had a good ratio.”