SISTAR’s Bora Looks Unbelievably Hot in New MV Teaser

SISTAR‘s Bora‘s “silhouette dance” has set a fire to fans’ hearts.

SISTAR‘s agency Starship Entertainment just recently uploaded the teaser for their new track “Loving You” from their Summer Special album featuring Bora’s sexy dancing silhouette atop a car against the setting sun on their official YouTube channel. Shot against the scenic backdrop of Hawaii, the music video captures and exudes the fresh and lively spirit of SISTAR.

Although Bora’s silhouette dance is visible for about a couple seconds out of the entire 27 second length of the teaser, the response has sent fans swooning from the impact of seeing Bora’s curvaceous form swaying in an exotic and captivating manner.

Netizens who viewed the teaser commented with, “Bora is definitely the Korean Megan Fox,” “Now that I’ve seen teaser, I’m bursting with anticipation for the entire music video to be released. I can’t wait,” “SISTAR has been exceeding my expectations with their activities these days,” and “They’re so refreshing to watch! They really make bring to life those summer feelings!” and etc.

SISTAR’s Summer Special album “Loving You” will be available starting June 28!

Watch the teaser below!