BoA Receives Special “Diamond Tears” Headphones from JYP

BoA received headphones from JYP (Park Jin Young) as a gift and she was very happy. On June 25, she wrote on her twitter, “JYP headphones that arrived in my hands today!! I found oppa’s autograph, but I haven’t found which one this is out of the hundred yet. Oppa thank you.” Along with the tweet, she attached a proof shot.

In the photo, the product known as “JYP headphones” are inside a box. The headphones are actually called “Diamond Tears” and it was designed by JYP himself. They were produced by Monster.

Netizens who saw the picture commented, “BoA, I am jealous,” “You have a nice oppa,” and “It’s pretty.”

Previously, both BoA and JYP were both a part of SBS “K-Pop Star” as judges.