Bora: “I Considered Getting Plastic Surgery, But They Said No”

SISTAR’s Bora talked about her past when she had thought of getting plastic surgery.

On June 25, SISTAR met with the press at the Hyatt Hotel in Seoul. When enews asked Bora about her thoughts on plastic surgery she stated, “It’s not like I haven’t thought of it, but I was told not to get any plastic surgery.”

Bora continued, “When I open my eyes wide I get double eyelids, but I do not have them usually. I went to a plastic surgeon to get double eyelid surgery but the doctor stated, ‘Those eyes are more charming.’”

About her nose, Bora stated, “Although my nose is not as high as most celebrities, I am still satisfied with it.”

Then Bora said, “Aren’t I better in person than broadcast? Before I debuted I didn’t pay too much attention to styling. However, now I am starting to care after becoming a celebrity.”

Bora was told about how there were many rumors were saying that she had celebrity admirers. Bora answered, “I have heard about these rumors, but nobody has actually expressed their feelings for me yet.”