SISTAR Appointed Honorary Ambassadors for the “2012 K-Pop Cover Dance Festival”

SISTAR was recently named as the honorary ambassadors for the “2012 K-Pop Cover Dance Festival.” On June 25, the girls attended the appointment ceremony at the Seoul Gwanghwamoon Press Centre. Sistar revealed, “We’re very happy and proud to have been selected as the face of hallyu . In return for all the love our overseas fans have shown for hallyu, we will actively promote to increase interest about Korea to our fans who are abroad.

Hosted by the Visit Korea Committee, this is the cover dance festival’s second year running, and the event has been receiving enthusiastic responses from fans all over the world. The preliminary rounds will take place online between April and July. Those who’ve passed the preliminary rounds will compete in the second round in their respective countries. Lastly, national finalists will be invited to Korea for the final competition this September. As of now, the “2012 K-Pop Cover Dance Festival” has attracted over 600 applicants from 50 countries.

For more information regarding the “2012 K-Pop Cover Dance Festival,” visit their official website!