2PM’s Wooyoung Working with Swizz Beatz for New Solo Album?

2PM’s Wooyoung shared a photo taken with the famed U.S. producer Swizz Beatz, raising the possibility of working together for his upcoming solo album.

On June 25, Wooyoung tweeted the picture with the message, “I met Swizz Beatz today! I took a picture with him and feeling great right now! This is Daebak!”

In the photo, Wooyoung is seen standing right next to Swizz Beatz in what looks to be JYP Entertainment’s training room. Wearing a hat and a white shirt, the two popular musicians seem like they took a break while fine-tuning Wooyoung’s choreography for his new solo track. It’s unclear to what extent they are collaborating for Wooyoung’s new album, but fans are already anticipating the release of a new co-produced track.

Netizens commented, “JYP’s network of friends is endless,” “It looks like Swizz Beatz worked on a song for Wooyoung,” and “I can’t wait for Wooyoung’s new album.”

Swizz Beatz is one of the most influential music producers in the world, having worked with Jay-Z, Eminem, 50 Cent, and Michael Jackson in the past. To some, he’s better known as R&B singer Alicia Keys’ husband.

Wooyoung, meanwhile, is expected to release his first solo album in mid-July.