Lee Jang Woo Girlifies Himself for “I Do I Do”

Actor Lee Jang Woo recently transformed from head-to-toe into a polished young lady strolling on the sidewalk for a scene in the MBC drama “I Do I Do,” shot at a nearby downtown shopping district.

The production team provided still shots of feminine Lee Jang Woo from episode 9 of “I Do I Do,” which contrasted greatly from the “ideal boyfriend” image he had carried thus far. In the drama series, after seeing Hwang Ji Ahn (played by Kim Sun Ah) home, he feeds her lettuce-wrapped beef and prepares a romantic rear-car date underneath the moonlight.

Lee Jang Woo made quite the attractive female with his long haired wig, thick make-up, manicured nails and high heels that allowed him to even create feminine strides.

Netizens who saw the still shots remarked, “Lee Jang Woo dressed as a woman! I’m in a state of shock,” “Lee Jang Woo’s unveiled feminine legs, they’re so pretty!” “His image is so breathtaking he could compete with other girl groups,” and “Men dressed up as females are all the rage these days.”