f(x) Sulli Bites a Soju Glass in Old Photo?!

f(x) Sulli‘s old photo of her biting a soju glass has surfaced recently among online community forums.

The still shots of young Sulli from an old film have been compiled as one photo and circulated as “Sulli’s unexpected photos of her biting a soju glass.”

Although a naturally youthful-looking beauty, the still shots reveal an even younger Sulli who debuted as a child actress prior to joining f(x). Netizens were especially in awe of the character she played while so young as a tough little girl who could bite a piece off a soju glass! The image of her then and now is markedly different considering her usual bubbly and girly image she displays as a member of f(x).

Netizens who saw the photo commented with, “Her aggressive side portrayed in the photos is just as adorable,” “To think that Sulli could take a bite out of a soju glass like that. Amazing!” and “She comes off as cute and sexy on stage but it looks she has an aggressive side as well!”

In the meantime Sulli has been participating in the production of the SBS drama “To the Beautiful You” with her co-star SHINee‘s Minho.