Let’s Celebrate a JYP Nation Summer With a CD Giveaway!

Hey Soompiers!

Did you know that our staff maintains a separate Twitter account for the JYP Nation fans out there? It’s all the news articles and featured forum posts about Wonder Girls, miss A, 2PM, 2AM, JYP himself, and all the other artists! JYP Nation is making the summer heat even hotter by presenting the rookie act JJ Project, the fabulous solo debut of 2AM’s Jokwon, the successful comeback of the Wonder Girls, and let’s not forget the Wonder Girls’ World Tour in Seoul and JYP Nation 2012 in Japan! To help promote these awesome events (as well as our equally awesome Twitter account), we are giving away eight JYP Nation CDs for the next eight days! To win, all you have to do is:

  1. Follow @soompiJYPNATION on Twitter
  2. Send a tweet to @soompiJYPNATION telling us why you love JYP Nation using the hashtag #JYPnationsummer

Soompi will choose one lucky winner everyday for the next eight days on @soompiJYPNATION, starting on Wednesday, June 27 and ending on Wednesday, July 4. Here’s the giveaway schedule, should you wish to coordinate your tweets:

6/27 miss A – Touch
6/28 JOO – Heartmade
6/29 San E – Everybody Ready?
6/30 2AM – F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Way of Love
7/01 Park Jin Young – Spring – 5 Songs for a New Love
7/02 JJ Project – Bounce
7/03 2PM – 2PM Member’s Selection
7/04 Wonder Girls – Wonder Party

We’ll announce the winners on Twitter. Good luck! Oh, and please take the time to thank our awesome moderator Yoyo for organizing this contest! Let’s celebrate a JYP Nation-filled summer!

Note: By the way, you can also follow our miss A Twitter account at @soompi_missa, run by the Soompi fans of miss A!