Wonder Girls Wants to Beat JYP on a Music Show

Wonder Girls appeared on MBC’s “Beautiful Concert” and were asked, “What would you like to do when Wonder Girls and JYP compete against each other for the first place on a music show?” They answered, “We would like to win first place.” Yubin added, “It would be the perfect win-win situation if we win the first place with JYP’s song.” Moreover, while talking about healthy competition and rivalry, Wonder Girls picked Hyung Don and Dae Jun as their biggest rival in the music industry, causing people in the audience to burst out into laughter.

Also during the “Beautiful Concert,” Wonder Girls performed an acoustic cover of B.O.B‘s “Nothing On You” live for the first time in Korea. Previously, a video clip of Wonder Girls singing “Nothing On You” was introduced on Billboard.com and garnered much attention. With a newly edited acoustic version of “Nothing On You,” Wonder Girls proved to the world that they are more than just the pretty faces.

Wonder Girls continued to drive the audience crazy with live performances of “Like This” and “Be My Baby.”