LEDApple’s Gun Woo Withdrew from Japanese Concert Due to Poor Health Caused by Overworking

LEDApple‘s Gun Woo has unfortunately decided to withdraw from the Japanese concert due to his poor health.

Gun Woo did not appear at the concert in Tokyo on June 23. Sources from LEDApple say, “We think Gun Woo might have been overworked as he was preparing for the new album and the concert. His heart to show the fans a good performance caused him to practice too much and eventually, led to health issues. So he couldn’t participate in the music video filming either.”

“His health has recovered right now and it won’t be a problem for further activities. We apologize for causing any worry to the fans. As an agency, we will try harder to focus on their health as they carry on their activities,” they continued.

Meanwhile, LEDApple will come back with a new album on July 5. Whereas LEDApple focused a lot on electronic sounds in the past, in this new album, an emphasis was put on real sounds. LEDApple is planning to give flashy performances with strong vocals. The album is also said to contain tracks written and composed by the members themselves.