T-ara Members Sport “Traffic Light” Hair

T-ara‘s traffic light hair photo is quickly spreading on the Web. On June 26, Hyomin posted a laughing emoticon along with two photos on her Twitter.

The first one is a picture of three colored light bulbs, blue, green and red, which indicates a traffic light. In the second photo, you can see Eunjung with dark blue hair, Qri with green hair and Hyomin with reddish pink hair. They are sitting exactly in the order of the above light bulb photo!

When teaser images of T-ara’s upcoming comeback had been revealed, netizens pointed out that the different hair colors of the members reminded them of a traffic light. It seems like Hyomin took this into consideration as she posted these photos.

Netizens who came across this witty post commented, “Hyomin is really cute,” “How did it become like this,” and “Hyomin, what to do with you.”