SISTAR Reveals Album Picture for “Loving U”

SISTAR revealed an album photo picture for SISTAR’s upcoming album “Loving U.” “Loving U” is SISTAR’s special summer album and will be released on June 28.

On June 26, SISTAR’s agency Starship Entertainment tweeted the picture showing the loveable members in mini one-piece dresses and all wearing cool shades.

Netizens that have come across the picture stated, “I am surprised at how SISTAR has so many different charms,” “SISTAR looks like Hollywood stars,” “It looks like they are filming Sex and the City or something,” and “They look so hot.”

For the “Loving U” music video, everything was shot in Hawaii. The music video will contain airplanes, professional surfers, and famous models! The surfing tricks and the scenery of Hawaii will be two things to look out for in the new music video!