After School Nana and Hello Venus Nara As Tropical Twins!

The fashion magazine “In Style” revealed pictures of After School’s Nana and Hello Venus’ Nara looking like twins wearing one-piece dresses on June 27. The pictures are a part of the July edition of “InStyle.”

The concept of the photoshoot was “Twin & Tropical.” The two have similar hairstyles and makeup done. The two are also over 170cm in height and both 19 years old.

Netizens that have come across the picture stated, “I don’t know if the two are dolls or people,” “It looks like two Barbie dolls have come together,” and “It’s good to see a senior and junior of the same agency together.”

Currently After School is promoting their fifth mini album “Flashback” which was released on June 20. Hello Venus released their first mini album “Venus” in May, 2012.