JYJ’s Gift to Dance Team

JYJ members recently gifted their dance team a dance studio of their own after eight years of training and performing together since their DBSK days. JYJ also presented the dancers of “I.D. Mystery” with extra bonuses from their own pockets as a personal thank you.

“I.D. Mystery” is well-recognized within the industry for their synchronization and dancing skills, as well as their performance in MBC’s “Infinite Challenge Song Festival” for the special collaboration “Myungka Tribe” between Comedian Park Myung Soo, Girls’ Generation Jessica and E TRIBE for the track “Naengmyun.

JYJ reportedly told Star News, “While our member Junsu was promoting solo activities, he still gave input on gifting the dance studio. We all pooled our money together to give a present that adequately expressed the immense gratitude in our hearts.”

“I.D. Mystery” dancers plan not only to use the space as a practice room, but as a venue that will be open to the public for those interested in taking JYJ dance lessons. It appears they will be on a hiatus while JYJ postpones future activities as a group to pursue individual careers in drama and music. Junsu is currently promoting his solo album while Jaejoong is trying his hand at acting in the MBC “Time Slip Dr. Jin” drama series.