So Ji Sub Reveals the Secret Behind His Flawless Acting

Actor So Ji Sub has revealed the secret to his flawless acting.

So Ji Sub is currently showing great acting skills in the ongoing SBS drama, “Ghost.” He plays a cold and short-tempered detective and his acting is captivating viewers’ hearts in each episode.

It’s been revealed that So Ji Sub’s hidden secret behind his great acting is his script. There is not a moment when he lets go of his script. He practices and practices to memorize his lines as well as discusses his parts with the director to get a feel for all details.

It is reported that So Ji Sub reads and reads over his script until the booklet wears out. He doesn’t lose focus even during his breaks. He not only focuses on his own acting but he watches over his co-workers. This is to get a feel for their style so he could incorporate that into his own acting to make a more comfortable atmosphere.

For “Ghost,” So Ji Sub plays Kim Woo Hyun, who has an extensive knowledge on cyber investigations. This needs an even higher level of focus and practice. Difficult words related to cyber investigations are in his lines but he doesn’t lose track but continues to accurately deliver his scenes.

Netizens comment on forums, “So Ji Sub is a great actor,” “I respect So Ji Sub’s passion for acting,” “The more I watch ‘Ghost,’ I get confused if he is So Ji Sub or actually Kim Woo Hyun,” and more.