“49 Days'” Nam Gyuri Joins Upcoming “Haeundae Lovers”

Nam Gyuri will make her smallscreen comeback through “Haeundae Lovers.” Following “49 Days,” co-starring Jo Hyun Jae and Jung Il Woo, the singer-turned-actress was busy filming her debut Chinese drama “My Forgetful Girlfriend.” “Haeundae Lovers” is a romantic comedy that tells the story of Lee Tae Sung (Kim Kang Woo), a prosecutor who loses his memory and falls in love with a gangster’s daughter named Ko Sora (Jo Yeo Jung). Nam Gyrui will take on the role of Yoon Sena, Lee Tae Sung’s fiance and the daughter of the Minister of Justice.

Earlier this week, Kim Kang Woo, Jo Yeo Jung, Jung Suk Won, Nam Gyuri, and other supporting actors gathered for the drama’s first script reading. Meanwhile, “Haeundae Lovers” will replace “Big” on KBS this August.