Jo In Sung and Lee Min Jung for Outback Steakhouse

Jo In Sung and Lee Min Jung came together to film an advertisement for Outback Steakhouse. The two were very good looking together. On June 28 Outback Steakhouse revealed stills featuring the two for the advertisement of the product “Cherry Spice Steak.”

For the advertisement Jo In Sung argues that the chili sauce is best for steak while Lee Min Jung argues that the sweet cherry cream sauce is the best. The focus of the advertisement is the competition between the two and the romantic twist at the end.

The advertisement was filmed in June, 2012. It is being said that Lee Min Jung and Jo In Sung made the advertisement filming atmosphere very bright and happy. Lee Min Jung even acted cute while asking the staff to cook her steak.

The Outback Steakhouse TV advertisement featuring the two stars will begin airing on July 1.
Currently Lee Min Jung is appearing on the drama “Big.