Yoon Sang Hyun As Japanese Hallyu Shopping Mall Model

Yoon Sang Hyun was recently picked to represent a Japanese Hallyu shopping mall model. A representative of Yoon Sang Hyun’s agency stated on June 28, “Yoon Sang Hyun has been picked as the model for the Hallyu shopping mall ‘Design 89,’ on June 24 he finished filming the advertisement. Now on June 30 there will be a fan autograph event for ‘Design 89.’”

“Design 89” is a Hallyu shopping mall that contains popular Korean brand makeup and Hallyu star products. The shopping mall is a must-visit location for Japanese individuals who want to purchase Hallyu star products. “Design 89” will open in July.

The CEO of the Hallyu shopping mall stated, “Yoon Sang Hyun is currently loved in Japan as both a singer and actor. That is why we believe he is a model that can connect with customers. Yoon Sang Hyun will cause a significant increase in our brand publicity.”