YG Entertainment to Launch Own Fashion Brand

YG Entertainment will join hands with Cheil Industries, one of Korea’s largest textile manufacturer, and launch its own fashion brand. The agreement will officially be signed on June 28.

According to YG Entertainment, their new clothing line will target customers in their teens and 20s. The overall concept of the brand hasn’t been revealed yet, but with the growing influence of K-pop and Korean fashion, their style is expected to provide future trends for the global fashion industry.

“By combining YG Entertainment’s fashion style and marketing ability with Cheil Industries’ global network and business know-how, we’ll be able to create a completely new style of brand. We expect this to take us beyond cultural Hallyu, and build a new Hallyu brand,” YG Entertainment said in a statement.

YG Entertainment has been linked in the past to the hiphop fashion brand, Majah Flavah (MF!), which was originally launched by JinuSean’s Sean. It’s been some time now since we saw “MF!” products, but it looks like YGE’s new clothing line will follow the style and concept of “MF!,” especially since a lot of their music is based on the hip hop culture. We’ll keep you posted when new updates come out!