“K-Pop Star” Contestants Get Prettier By the Day

Photos of the present condition of some of the “K-Pop Star” contestants have garnered a lot of attention.

SBS recently released a short video teaser of “Good Sunday – K-Pop Star 2” on their official website. In the short video clip, improved styles and looks of Park Ji Min, Lee Ha Yi, Baek Ah Yeon, and Lee Seung Hoon can be seen.

Since the conclusion of “K-Pop Star,” these contestants have all been actively training in their respective agencies (YG and JYP). Since then, many viewers have waited for the contestants’ updated status – through this short teaser, viewers received the message that the contestants are doing well and have been consistently traning to prepare for a brighter future. As seen in the photos, it’s quite evident that the contestants (now trainees) have been dieting and receiving makeovers to enhance their images.

Netizens who saw these photos commented, “They now look like real celebrities,” “Park Ji Min looks so pretty now,” “Lee Seung Hoon looks happy,” “It’s great to see them again,” “When are they going to release an album?” and more.