Girls’ Generation Hyoyeon Too Skinny for Her Skirt

On June 28, many celebrities including Girls’ Generation‘s Hyoyeon, Seohyun, actress Park Si Yeon, and Kim Hee Ae participated in “Nine Six New York 2012 F/W New Collection” event. Hyoyeon wore a shiny navy-colored skirt with cream-colored top to this event.

Although she looked good in the outfit, her skirt seemed a little too big for her. She firmly held onto her skirt skillfully from behind and sides, smiling and waving at cameras and fans in front of the photo wall like a true professional, without looking awkward or uncomfortable.

Netizens commented, “Hyoyeon must have lost more weight. I’m so jealous, her skirt is so big on her,” “I always thought she was skinny watching ‘Dancing with the Stars 2,’ but didn’t realize she was that skinny,” and “She’s so professional! I’m sure it wasn’t the most comfortable situation for her, but she is still smiling.”

Meanwhile, Hyoyeon surprised fans and viewers with a sexy outfit and won the first place on the most recent episode of “Dancing with the Star 2” with her amazing performance of rocking dance.