B1A4 Lands at No. 4 Spot on Oricon Charts

B1A4 made their official debut in Japan with first single “Beautiful Target” on June 27 and landed on the fourth place on Oricon Charts, following one of Japan’s most popular idol band KAT-TUN and Girls Generation. On Tower Records Daily Ranking, B1A4 took over first, second, and third places, starting off their Japanese career rather successfully.

A representative from B1A4’s agency commented, “This is a great achievement that B1A4 was ranked within the top 5 of Oricon Charts with their debut single as a foreign artist, without any previous official promotions in Japan. Now many music industry officials and fans are intrigued to see what B1A4 has to offer to Japan.” Members of B1A4 also commented, “We are really happy to release our debut single in Japan. We will try our best to improve ourselves and be worthy of all the love and support we get from our fans.”

B1A4 is scheduled to meet their excited Japanese fans through various events. On June 30, they will hold a handshaking event in Tokyo Big Site and another album-release event at Lazona Kawasaki Plaza on July 1.