Jaejoong Treats “Dr.Jin” Staff to Korean Ginseng Chicken Soup Lunch

Recently, JYJ‘s Jaejoong treated fellow actors, actresses, and staff members of MBC “Dr.Jin” to lunch. He brought in 100 servings of Korean Ginseng chicken soup to thank everyone and encourage his colleagues to keep up the good work in the midst of hot summer weather and hectic filming schedule.

A representative staff from “Dr.Jin” commented, “He must be tired himself from busy filming schedule, but he’s always so energetic and friendly to everyone. He is beautiful inside as he is on the outside.” This staff member added, “Jaejoong is so attached to his character, Kim Kyung Tak, and he is very passionate about it. I think this allows him to portray sensitive emotions of the character successfully and the viewers love him and his character for that.”