Le Parisien Covers JYJ’s Popularity in South America

One of France’s most popular daily newspapers, Le Parisien, reported JYJ‘s popularity in South America on its June 27 issue. The article is titled “K-Pop Conquers S.America,” and talks about Latin American K-pop fans welcoming K-pop, its lyrics, and choreography as a form of cultural influence.

Le Parisien wrote, “JYJ has performed in 15 cities across the world for their world tour and even fascinated fans in Peru, country on the other side of the globe from Korea, where they are from. They have mesmerized Asia, Europe, South America, and the world.” Their extensive report includes JYJ’s wild popularity in a variety of countries and cultures. The article added, “JYJ’s popularity in Asia is undying. 7,000 Japanese fans have made plans to visit Seoul for ‘JYJ Membership Week‘ and 3,500 hotel rooms are booked for this one event.”

JYJ will be holding “JYJ Membership Week,” a fan fair for all JYJ fans, in Seoul, South Korea starting from June 28.