Park Jin Young Comments on 2PM’s Wooyoung’s First Solo Stage

During the press conference following mnet’s20s Choice Awards,” Park Jin Young (aka JYP) commented on 2PM’s Wooyoung’s first solo stage. He revealed, “I’m very upset, but Wooyoung is probably a hundred times more upset.” Ahead of the release of his first solo album, Wooyoung transformed into a romantic, sexy guy and performed two of his new songs, “2night” and “Sexy Lady,” at the “20s Choice Awards.” Unfortunately, it was not the performance of his dreams as the slippery stage caused him to make several mistakes.

Park Jin Young continued, “Wooyoung practiced so hard until last night, but because of the water in the middle [of the stage], he couldn’t show everything that he wanted to. I still think he did well, and he will do much better next time. However, he’s probably extremely upset and disheartened right now.”

Meanwhile, Park Jin Young won the “Do’s Don’t’s” award at the “20s Choice Awards” last night.