A-JAX’s Yun Young is a Well-Mannered Idol

A-JAX’s Yun Young has become a “well-mannered idol.” It is all due to the photos that was revealed of him cleaning the waiting room after performing.

On June 28, the pictures that were unveiled on A-JAX’s official homepage was from when they were at the filming of MBC “Music Core” on June 23. There are four photos that show Yun Young cleaning the room by himself after filming was complete. He is not just picking the trash off the floor, but also recycling the plastic bottles carefully.

With the picture, there are captions saying, “We want to let you know that this is definitely not a directed photo,” and “Yun Young, who is neat, is always stepping forward and cleaning the waiting room by himself.”

A-JAX’s fans is overflowing Yun Young with compliments. They said, “Best well-mannered idol,” and “His face is good-looking but his heart, not surprisingly, is good too.”

Meanwhile, A-JAX is busy promoting their debut song, “One 4 U.”