Wonder Girls’ Sohee Chooses 2PM’s Wooyoung over 2AM’s Seulong

On June 30 the Wonder Girls appeared on TV Chosun’s “Entertainment in TV – the TREND” and appeared on the interview corner, “An Interview’s Dignity.”

The Wonder Girls members did an “Ideal Man World Cup” game. (“World Cup” games are when an individual chooses their ideal type out of two people, then you continue to do that until you are only left with one person that is your ideal type)

Sohee ended up choosing 2PM’s Wooyoung instead of 2AM’s Seulong. This comes as a surprise because Sohee and Seulong were spotted eating, and dating rumors about the two have been going around.

Sohee said of Wooyoung, “Me and Wooyoung oppa have a similar sense of humor. We don’t talk that much but when Wooyoung oppa says one or two things I end up laughing hard.”

Sohee said of Seulong, “I am so close to Seulong that I call him Seulong unni. Just like a real sister he is very delicate and considerate.”

The other Wonder Girls members also stated, “Seulong unni is like a real sister. He takes care of everyone.”