Son Dambi Attracts Attention with Her Toned Body

Son Dambi recently showed off her toned body through a photo shoot.

On June 27, Son Dambi released a couple of photos from her “Men’s Health” photo shoot along with the title “A Girl with the Perfect Bodyline” on her official facebook page. As seen in the photos, Son Dambi poses while wearing workout outfits to show off her healthy looking body. In one of the photos, she is wearing tight black pants along with a white sleeveless shirt. In the other photo, she portrays a summer training look by wearing a neon-colored windbreaker along with short shorts and a bikni top.

Many people who stumbled upon these photos were awed by how voluminous her body looks. Many also pointed out how Son Dambi appears to have flawless abs and a S-line body.

Netizens who saw these photos commented, “Her body looks very attractive,” “I can’t believe she was able to pull this off without the help of any special effects,” “I love her chocolate abs,” “She has the perfect bodyline,” and more.