JYJ Junsu Gifts Signed CD to MYNAME’s Insoo

JYJ Junsu showed his affection towards MYNAME’s Insoo. In the past Insoo received a lot of attention for looking like Junsu, it looks like Junsu has been keeping tabs!

On June 29, Insoo tweeted “Since I debuted, I heard that I look a lot like Junsu sunbae. (Senior) Because of that it helped me a lot, but I received a big gift from him. Even one message gives me big strength. You are the best! Let’s eat together sometime and also play soccer Junsu hyung! Thank you!” Insoo also posted a proof shot.

In the photo, the CD that Junsu is holding is Junsu’s CD with a signature. It has the message, “Insoo let’s eat together. Are you good at soccer?”

Netizens have commented, “Junsu and Insoo look alike,” “Junsu has so much love for juniors,” and “Can’t believe he asked about soccer… he is such a soccer maniac.”

MYNAME Insoo holding Junsu Signed Album