Busker Busker’s “Finale Album” Reaches #1 on the Billboard K-Pop Charts!

Who would believe that Busker Busker won second place for the audition program “Superstar K Season 2″? The band’s first album was a great success, but their finale album which contains songs that were not included on the first one is doing phenomenal as well! The album was released on June 21 and is made up of five songs.

On June 29, Busker Busker’s track, “If You Really Love Me,” reached #1 and other songs such as “It Is Difficult to Run Into You,” “Rain Shower,” and “Neon Sign” respectively made 4th, 6th, and 9th place.

So does Busker Busker have any other history with Billboard? Their remake of the song “Yearning Girl” which they performed on “Superstar K Season 2” had reached #1 on the Billboard chart back in October, 2011. Congratulations, Busker Busker!