SBS “K-Pop Star Season 2” Already Has 5 Times the Amount of Applicants Than First Season

Are you looking forward to the banter between judges YG and JYP? Have you missed BoA and her nice comments on some days, but extremely harsh ones on others? It looks as though SBS “K-Pop Star” Season 2 will be as good if not better than the first season!

Already, the second season has received nearly 5 times the amount of applicants than the first season. The producer Park Sung Hoon stated, “We can’t really give you the specifics about how many people have signed up for auditions, but we have nearly 5 times more than we had for the first season.”

SBS K-Pop Star will begin broadcasting in November. The show plans on improving on its success with upgraded productions. Other than the countries such as France, U.S., and China like last year, the show will also have auditions in England, Canada, and Australia.