T-ara Members Had to Convince Core Contents Media CEO to Get Drama Roles

T-ara is to take over all public three public broadcasting companies’ dramas. Eunjung has been cast to play the main character Hong Da Mi of upcoming SBS weekend drama “Five Fingers,” playing the role of a young woman who is forced to give up her dreams after her father’s unexpected death and financial crisis that follows. Hyomin will be playing the role of Gumiho, mystical nine-tailed fox, in MBC sitcom “1000th Man,” while T-ara’s leader Soyeon will be starring in KBS “Haeundae Lovers” as Lee Gwan Soon, lively, cute, and somewhat childish little sister of Jo Yeo Jung.

These three members had to convince their agency Core Contents Media‘s CEO Kim Kwang Soo to allow them to pursue acting careers. Earlier this year, Core Contents Media announced that T-ara will be solely focusing on their music career in Korea and Japan. CEO Kim Kwang Soo was concerned with the members’ busy schedule, since they have a come back in Korea, promotion in Japan, concerts, and fanclub launch ahead of them. However, the members persistently convinced him, “People say that you pay to go through difficult experiences in your youth, we can do this.” CEO Kim Kwang Soo finally gave his permission to the members, “It is going to be hard, but if you guys insist, I allow it.”

Eunjung, Hyomin, and Soyeon told CEO Kim Kwang Soo, “We will try our best in both our acting and music career.” These three members have starred in various TV dramas, movies, and musical theatre productions previously and have been recognized for the multitude of their talents in various fields. Hyomin won the rookie award at 2011 MBC Drama Awards.

Meanwhile, T-ara returned to Korea of June 29 in the middle of their Japanese concert tour to participate in KBS “Music Bank“s first half of the year special. They will be leaving for Japan again on June 30 first thing in the morning.