Girls’ Generation YoonA’s Old Photo in Kiddie Pool Revealed

On June 28, a picture of Girls’ Generation‘s YoonA titled, “YoonA, Playing like a baby” appeared on an online community forum. The picture shows YoonA laying flat on her stomach in a blow-up kiddie pool. The background of the picture suggest that YoonA is at home since one can easily spot the wooden floor and YoonA’s comfy pink pajama pants.

Although she is not wearing any makeup in the picture, she does not look any different from the way she does now. She looks a little younger in the picture, but her brightly twinkling big eyes remain the same. She is looking into the camera, slightly pouting, but still looks beautiful.

Netizens commented, “She looks like a little child throwing a temper tantrum because she wants to buy a toy,” “So, the blow-up kiddie pool is YoonA’s summer bed?” and “She looks the same as she does now. Maybe she just grew taller.”

Meanwhile, Girls Generation released new single “Paparazzi” in Japan after 14 months of hiatus. “Paparazzi” was ranked second on Oricon Daily Chart shortly after its release.