Rainbow’s Go Woo Ri Featured in “InStyle” Magazine

Rainbow member Go Woo Ri recently participated in a photo shoot and few of those photos were unveiled for fans today.

Go Woo Ri was chosen as the cover model for the July issue of fashion magazine “InStyle.” The concept for the magazine’s photoshoot was that of “Everyday Stylish Go Woo Ri.”

In the article Go Woo Ri discusses her day-to-day life. The photos further enhanced the theme of daily life by having her pose in everyday situations such as shopping, having afternoon tea, or transforming into a sexy and stylish club goer.

The pictorial is attracting much attention as it displays her beauty through Go Woo Ri’s youthful charm and purity along with her sexy and alluring side.

She commented on her experience saying, “I feel I was able to show my sincere self. I think it went very well and I had a lot of fun.”

Currently, Go Woo Ri is featured in the KBS2 TV’s sitcom, “I Need a Fairy” which is faring well with home audiences.