ZE:A Releases “History of ZE:A” Video in Preparation for Comeback

After releasing a brief music video teaser yesterday, ZE:A has now released a special history video today.

Titled “History of ZE:A,” the video recaps all of their past Korean promotions starting from their debut. The group started in January 2010 with “Mazeltov,” followed by the singles “Leap for Detonation” and “Level Up.” In 2011 they promoted “Here I Am,” “Watch Out” and “Heart For 2.” The video ends by showing the release date of their upcoming album “Spectacular” on July 4.

Following “Heart For 2,” the group started on their Japanese promotions, so it has been a long time since they have been active in Korea.

Last week the group announced that they would have their comeback showcase streamed live on YouTube on July 3. They are expected to begin their comeback promotions that weekend as well.