Suzy Promotes Jo Kwon’s Solo Album

miss A’s Suzy proved that she received an album from 2AM’s Jo Kwon. On June 29, she wrote on her twitter, “I received an album from Kwonnie oppa. Yay, I think the album is the best! Kwon oppa, thank you.” Along with the tweet, she attached a photo.

In the picture, Suzy can be seen holding Jo Kwon’s solo album with a cute expression on her face while lying on the floor. She showed off her beauty by tying her bangs up, which revealed her forehead and all.

Netizens who saw this said, “Wow! I bet it feels good to be gifted an album,” “Suzy is so pretty,” and “I guess they are close because they’re part of the same agency.”

Meanwhile, Jo Kwon gained attention for making a comeback with his first solo album, “I’m Da One,” on June 25.