Jo Kwon Shares Recent Selcas

2AM’s Jo Kwon, who recently started performing as a solo singer, revealed four photos that showed off different charms. On June 29, he wrote on his twitter, “I’m Da One.” Along with the tweet, he attached four pictures.

In the photos, Jo Kwon is making various expressions inside a car. In one he puckers up and sticks out his lips into a prim expression. While in another, he opens his mouth and makes a blank expression. He even looks charismatic with his intense eyes. All the various looks caught people’s attention.

The tweet saying, “I’m Da One,” stands for Jo Kwon’s title song from his solo album. The song is a fun, electronic house dance music.

Netizens who saw the pictures said, “I am just waiting for the solo stage,” “Kkap Kwon and charisma are flowing out at the same time,” and “He is truly a cutie.”

Meanwhile, Jo Kwon released his first solo album on June 25. On June 29, he had his first solo stage on KBS 2TV “Music Bank.”