“K-Pop Star” Lee Ha Yi Is Dieting Hard?

A recent photo of Lee Ha Yi surfaced in online community forum. The current YG trainee grabbed second place in the “K-Pop Star” Audition with her deep and sultry vocals atypical for her 17 years of age.

After promising to start managing her weight on the show, Lee Ha Yi impressed netizens with the transformation that took place as a result of her hard work. As seen in the photo, Lee Ha Yi’s skin seems to glow with a creamy, milky-smooth quality to it and her big eyes and long hair give her a youthful yet fresh appearance.

Netizens who’ve seen the photo commented, “She’s lost so much weight ever since her K-Pop Star Audition days!” “She still has her adorable baby face,” “Wow she’s lost a lot of weight,” and “She looks prettier now that her facial features are more prominent.”

In the meantime, YG entertainment has scheduled Lee Ha Yi to debut with their new girl group SuPearls this September, while simultaneously pursuing her solo activities.