[Soompi Shop] SISTAR “Loving U” Special Package (CD, Signed Postcard, Pen, and Poster)

SISTAR fans rejoice! Don’t miss out on this awesome opportunity to get your very own exclusive autographed package! Any true SISTAR fan needs to have their “Loving U” Special Package! This deal is ONLY available at Soompi Shop!

For only $14.99 (Excluding Shipping Fee) you can own your very own “Loving U” CD, 4 postcards (with 1 signed postcard), and a poster!! WOW~!!!

Once again, one of the 4 postcards that you receive will have SISTAR’s autograph on it!

This deal will be available right away starting from July 2 at 12 PM KST. This special deal will only last for one week! Again, this special offer will close on July 9 at 12PM KST.

Remember to make your order while supplies last!

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