New Albums And Singles Preview - June Week 5

Super Junior Vol. 6 – Sexy, Free & Single (July 4)

01 Sexy, Free, & Single

02 From U

03 Now

04 Rockstar

05 Gulliver

06 Someday

07 Bittersweet

08 Butterfly

09 Daydream

10 A ‘Good’Bye

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Korea’s top boy band, Super Junior finally returns with their sixth studio album titled, “Sexy, Free & Single,” eleven months since “Mr. Simple.” There are a total of ten songs including the title track of the same title. “Sexy, Free & Single is of the soulful house genre with trendy arrangements. It has an easy and addictive chorus about sexy and free single men.

T-Ara mini-album Vol. 6 – Day By Day (July 5)

01 Day By Day

02 Holiday

03 Don’t Leave

04 Hue

05 Play at Love

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T-ara returns after nine months with two new members, Dani and Areum with a new mini-album titled, “Day By Day.” The song was co-composed by Jo Young Su and Kim Tae Hyun and penned by An Young Min. Right from the start of the song, listeners can hear Hwayoung’s distinct chant-like rap, showing boyish qualities. As the song continues, the rest of the member’s expressive vocals bring out the liveliness of this number. Another song worth mentioning is ballad number, “Don’t Leave.”


Sistar – Loving U (released)

01 Loving U

02 Holiday

03 Push Push (DJ Rubato Remix)

04 Alone (Smells Remix)

05 Ma Boy (Smells Remix)

06 How Dare You (Demicat Remix)

07 So Cool (DJ Rubato Remix)

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Sistar transforms into cute and sexy girls this summer for their special album titled, “Loving U.” There are a total of seven songs including title track, “Loving U,” “Holiday,” as well as five remixes of their past hit singles. “Loving U” is a pop number with brass and guitar sounds. The song is about the sweetness of falling in love. Also included in this album is “Holiday,” an electro synth pop number with funky guitar lines and groovy sounds. Listeners will be able to hear Hyorin’s powerful vocals in this song.

Younha – Supersonic (July 3)

01 Supersonic

02 People

03 Rock Like Stars (feat. Tiger JK)

04 Run

05 No Limit

06 Shower

07 Have We Changed (feat. John Park)

08 Set Me Free

09 Cream Sauce Pasta

10 Wait For Me

11 Drive (Feat. Park Jaebum)

12 Hope

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Singer songwriter, Younha finally returns with her fourth album, “Supersonic” after a year and six months. There are a total of twelve tracks including previously released digital single, “Have We Changed” featuring John Park. The title track this time around is “Run,” a British rock number with electronic sounds. Listeners will be able to hear how much Younha has matured over the years. Other notable tracks are “Rock Like Stars,” a rock and hip-hop fusion number featuring Tiger JK and “Cream Sauce Pasta” which singer songwriter, Jo Kyu Chang took part in writing the lyrics to.


Verbal Jint – 10 Years of Misinterpretation (released)

01 Misinterpretation Intro

02 Live Music

03 Perfect Day (feat. Ivy)

04 Good Morning (feat. Kwon Jung Yeol of 10cm)

05 Happy Birthday (Feat. As One)

06 Got to Be U (feat. Sijin)

07 Pretty Enough (feat. San Cheseu of Phantom)

08 Monsoon (feat. Psycoban)

09 She’s Gone

10 Comfort the Boy 2013

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Verbal Jint releases a new album titled, “10 Years of Misinterpretation” this summer. There are a total of ten songs including the title track, “Pretty Enough.” Various artists including Kwon Jung Yeol of 10cm and As One have also participated in the album by featuring in various songs.


G.O/Mir (single) – Wild: MBLAQ “The Blaq %” Tour, Pt. 1 (released)

01 Wild

MBLAQ’s G.O and Mir releases a new single titled, “Wild” in midst of their upcoming first Asia tour, “The BLAQ% Tour.” It is an addictive hip-hop number with funky and groovy sounds. It is said the two members took part in penning the lyrics to this song.

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