Jaekyung Wins Lawsuit Against Plastic Surgery Clinic That Spread Rumors She Had Surgery

Recently Rainbow’s Jaekyung was caught up in some nasty rumors started by a plastic surgery clinic. In order to advertise their practice, a plastic surgery clinic had put up pictures of Jaekyung stating that they were before and after plastic surgery pictures. Jaekyung filed a lawsuit and she actually won!

On July 2, the court stated, “The online PR Company and the plastic surgery clinic that put up the before-after pictures without checking if she really had plastic surgery, will compensate Kim Jaekyung $15,000 and $20,000 respectively.”

The court also stated, “The rumors created the impression that Jaekyung was a plastic surgery beauty. This is a very destructive influence on a rookie female singer that requires to be liked by the public.”

The court upheld Jaekyung’s mental damages but did not uphold that her “portrait rights” were damaged, stating that there was a lack of evidence.