Kang Sora Proves Her Perfect Body Proportions

On yesterday’s episode of MBC’sSection TV Entertainment News, Kang Sora surprised viewers with her long legs. The actress stands tall at 168 cm (5’6″); and since her debut, she’s been attracting attention for her long slim legs.

During the interview, reporter Park Seul Gi brought out a measuring tape to measure Kang Sora’s legs, which came out to be 1m long (3’3″). Looking over both their legs, Park Seul Gi dishearteningly stated, “There’s about a hand span difference [between the length of Kang Sora and Park Seul Gi’s legs].”

Netizens commented, “Wow, 1 meters? Even though she’s not tall like a model, I’m still jealous of her proportions,” “I’m also 168cm, but when I got out my measuring tape to measure my legs…I got angry,” “So jealous of her long legs,” “My legs look more like Park Seul Gi’s,” and more.

Meanwhile, the “Dream High 2” star also explained that while she is 168cm her weight started with the digit 5 in terms of kg, confessing that she did not weigh 48kg (105.8lbs) as listed on her official profile.