2PM’s Chansung Goes “Natural” in Latest Selca

On July 1, 2PM’s Chansung shared a “100% natural beauty” shot on his Twitter. The “animal-idol” singer wrote, “I’m a ‘natural guy’ now…no makeup, didn’t even dry my hair…why is my hair sticking out like that.”

In the accompanying photo, Chansung is staring at the camera with a warm smile that has melted the hearts of so many fans. Despite his claim to be no makeup, Chansung’s skin looks perfectly clear, and his hairstyle almost looks too “natural” to be the result of no styling. In particular, fans have taken note of Chansung’s relaxed look and his sexy “glare” that’s already become one of the hottest keywords online today.

Netizens that came across the photo commented, “He looks so cute with no makeup,” “I bet he waxed his hair just for this shot,” and “You can go natural on me too!”