Go So Young Opens Up on Her Marriage with Jang Dong Gun

As the 40-year-old architect in “A Gentleman’s Dignity,” Jang Dong Gun has shown viewers how he is as a man in love.

Now, Jang Dong-Gun’s real-life wife dishes on him.

Go So Young will go public and talk about her love story with the “A Gentleman’s Dignity” star for the first time in her 10-year career. According to reports from local news agencies, the actress went to film the show “Healing Camp” in the house featured in the drama “Secret Garden.”

Representatives from Go So Young’s management agency told Sports Seoul on July 2, “On June 27, Go So Young went to film her first appearance in a talk show since her debut. She opened up about her love story, her marriage and family life with Jang Dong Gun, as well as other topics like child care. She was also honest and easygoing about her career.”

Go So Young’s last drama was in 2007. Since her marriage to Jang Dong Gun in May 2010, she has been dedicating herself to family life and the care of their two-year-old son.

Go So Young’s “Healing Camp” episode airs in two parts on July 7 and July 14.