Wonder Girls’ Ye Eun Reveals Her Younger Brother

On June 30, Ye Eun from Wonder Girls posted a couple of pictures on the twitter titled, “Selca celebrating big sister’s wedding & all grown up Yo Seb.” The revealed pictures show a close-up of Ye Eun’s face and Ye Eun standing next to her little brother.

The picture is from Ye Eun’s older sister’s wedding day. Ye Eun is wearing a black see-through one piece and her younger brother Park Yo Seb is wearing a black suit with pink tie, smiling at the camera together. This snap shot of the Park siblings show that how the good-looking gene runs in the family. Previously, Ye Eun’s brother Park Yo Seb starred on an episode of SBS “Truth Game” as a family member of a celebrity.

Netizens commented on Ye Eun’s picture, “Ye Eun’s little brother is so handsome. He could be an idol himself,” “He looks like his sister. Very good-looking,” and “What a good-looking family, he’s got everything.”

Meanwhile, Wonder Girls had goodbye stages of “Like This” on various music shows this last weekend.