Superstar K2’s Kang Seung Yoon Spotted in Front of YG Building

Superstar K2’s” Kang Seung Yoon recent appearance has become public.

On the June 25 broadcast of cable channel tvN’s “enews,” Kang Seung Yoon made an appearance during the episode, he is currently practicing as a trainee with YG Entertainment.

His sudden appearance sparked laughter as it was not a rehearsed spot. The “enews” production staff was on its way to YG Entertainment to find Yoo In Na, since her relationship with Ji Hyun Woo had been made official not long ago, that is when they ran into Seung Yoon.

His appearance startled fans since his look had changed since the last time he was seen by the public. He was standing outside of the YG building wearing a black hoodie and was without make-up. So their trip wasn’t a complete loss, they asked Seung Yoon about Yoo In Na, to which he replied, “I have seen her only once or twice. It doesn’t seem like Yoo In Na comes to the office that often.”

The reporter followed up by asking Seung Yoon about details of the release date of his album, “We just started to prepare for it, but I think there is still a long way to go.”

Netizens responded to his brief television appearance saying, “Uh oh, Kang Seung Yoon accidentally revealed himself to the public,” “It is so strange to see him like that,” “I wonder how his practices are going. I really wish that he would debut soon,” “It’s great to see him. It’s been so long. He looks amazing like that.”

Kang Seung Yoon was a contestant on MNET’s audition program, “Superstar K2.” He ended up making it into the Top four before being cut. YG Entertainment signed him soon after and he has been a trainee ever since. It was revealed back in September that Seung Yoon will be debuting as part of a group sometime next year.